The 2018 Joseph P Reed Alumni Scholarship application is now open. The deadline to apply was Midnight, on March 16, 2018. The current applications are being reviewed and the recipient of the 2018 scholarship will be announced in May, 2018.

Lakeside High School Foundation Scholarship Program

The 2018 Scholarship Application is available early January, 2017.

Submit any questions in regards to the application process to

The Joseph P. Reed Alumni Scholarship $1000

In recognition of excellence in Academics, the Arts and Athletics, the Lakeside High School Foundation is proud to again offer a scholarship to a senior at Lakeside High School. The Joseph P. Reed Alumni Scholarship recognizes students who have excelled in all areas at Lakeside.

This scholarship is open to all Lakeside High School seniors who can demonstrate: * Overall academic excellence; maintaining a 3.0 GPA, unweighted on a 4.0 scale; * Leadership within the school and community; * Active membership in school clubs and organizations; * Involvement in the arts and/or athletics; * Commitment to community service organizations and projects; * Enrollment in an accredited college, university in fall 2018.

Deadline to submit application is March 16, 2018

The Scholarship Review Committee highly recommends an applicant start the application process at the earliest date possible. Applicants are held responsible for ensuring all paperwork is received by the Scholarship Review Committee by the deadline; late or incomplete submissions will not be considered.

To begin the application, click on each of the following requirement links and follow the provided PDF instruction files:

  • 1-Applicant-Information-Form-2018.pdf

  • 2-Transcript-Release-Form-2018.pdf

  • 3-Applicant-Resume-2018.pdf

  • 4-Letters-of-Recommendation-2018.pdf

  • 5-Essay-Requirements-2018.pdf

  • 6-Personal-Statement-2018.pdf

  • 7-Optional-Sample-of-Art-2018.pdf

  • Scholarship-Announcement-Handout-2018.pdf

The scholarship recipient will be notified by mail early in May, 2018.

If an applicant experiences any difficulty or has questions in regards to the application requirements, they should contact the Review Committee Coordinator.

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