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Joseph P. Reed Alumni Scholarship Recipients

2015 Scholar Recipient – Allison Marie Arne

The Lakeside Foundation is pleased to announce that Allison Marie Arne is the recipient of the 2015 Joseph P. Reed Alumni Scholarship of the Lakeside High School Foundation. Allison is very deserving of this award as she exhibits all qualities of the all-around student at Lakeside High School.

Allison was a struggling student as a young girl, but it was her diagnosis of dyslexia that propelled her into a whole new world of learning and allowed her to become the successful student and confident young woman that she is today. She qualified for the gifted program in middle school, while her grades soared. By the time Allison entered Lakeside High School she looked at her dyslexia as a strength rather than a weakness. She had perfected her time management skills and her study habits in order to excel as a student. Not only has dyslexia affected her academics, it has also affected the way she reads music. And music is a very important part of Allison’s life! She is a life-long piano student and a three-year oboe student, along with playing in the Lakeside Marching Band and Symphonic Band. As a college student, Allison plans to continue her love of music by playing in ensembles.

During her four years at Lakeside, Allison was involved in numerous academic, sports, arts and service activities. She was a member of the Beta Club (9th – 12th), the National Honor Society (11th, 12th) and was an AP Scholar (11th). She was also in the Tri-M music honor society (11th, 12th) and as a member of the Swim Team (9th – 12th) she received an Academic All-American Award (12th). Allison also placed in the Dekalb County Science Fair(10th), participated as a contestant in Miss Lakeside (12th) and was Swim Team Captain her senior year.
Outside of Lakeside High School, Allison was a music student, a member of her church Youth Advisory Board, a volunteer swim and tennis coach, a dedicated volunteer for organizations serving the homeless and a pet sitter for neighbors and friends.

In the fall, Allison will be attending the University of Rochester and plans to pursue her passion for animals and science, as well as her passion for music and community service. She hopes to study animal medicine while continuing to play music; her college choice is one where community service is highly valued as well.
Allison is very happy to have received the Joseph P. Reed Alumni Scholarship and, in her words, “I had no idea – I couldn’t believe it was me”!

2015 Scholar Recipient – Michael Joseph Boden

The Lakeside High School Foundation is proud to recognize the accomplishments and achievements of the 2015 Joseph P. Reed Alumni Scholarship recipient - Michael Joseph Boden.

Michael is a motivated young man, both in and out of the classroom. He sets goals daily in order to keep himself focused and on track, thereby accomplishing the short-term and long-term goals he sets. Michael challenges himself to reach higher and achieve more, whether it be in his many AP classes, on the baseball field or designing the sound and lighting for the Miss Lakeside Pageant.

Michael, the 2015 Lakeside valedictorian, received many awards and accolades during his four years at Lakeside High School. Some of them include: National Honor Society member, Beta Club member, Spanish Honor Society member, National Society of High School Scholars member, and he was named an AP Scholar. He received second place in the State Science Fair, won the Lakeside Social Studies Award, received the Georgia Certificate of Merit and was awarded the Presbyterian College Academic Achievement Fellows Award. Michael also placed in the school and county-level PTA Reflections contest several times, was a member of the Drama Club and the One-Act Team, was on the yearbook staff, played on the Lakeside Baseball team as well as a travel team, and found the time to volunteer as a youth basketball coach and at the International Rescue Committee.

In addition, Michael has found the time to work as a baseball camp instructor, to manage the web site design and maintenance for two Lakeside athletic teams, to do an internship at a real estate company and to run his own photography and design company. And, if all of these things didn’t keep Michael busy enough, he created a lawn care business with two friends, developed a business plan to acquire and sell iPhones, partnered with a baker to make affordable homemade cookies and he currently has a patent pending on an electronics device.

Michael Boden embodies the true spirit of the Lakeside Viking! He excels academically, athletically and artistically, and he is deserving of the Foundation's scholarship award.

2014 Scholar Recipient – Greer Adair Davis

The Lakeside Foundation is pleased to announce that Greer Adair Davis is the recipient of the 2014 Joseph P. Reed Alumni Scholarship of the Lakeside High School Foundation. Greer exemplifies the qualities of the all-around student at Lakeside High School and is well-deserving of this award.

An honor student who participated in numerous activities, Greer's experiences in high school were shaped by her desire to help others. She was heavily involved in community service work both in and out of Lakeside High School, and states that "volunteering became therapeutic to me." She was honored with the Senior Superlative of Most Involved in the LHS Class of 2014. One of the biggest highlights of Greer’s volunteer work was a mission trip to Costa Rica in the summer of her junior year. The mission team worked in a very poor community building a drainage system, delivering food to needy families and doing craft activities with children at the community center. The experience changed Greer's priorities and spiritual strength and she realized that she could affect the world. Her other community service work included volunteer work through the LHS National Honor Society, Beta Club, Spanish Honor Society, Tri-M Music Honor Society, and Key Club. In addition, Greer actively participated in mission work with her church youth group and volunteered at local elementary schools.

During her four years at Lakeside, Greer was involved in many academic, community service, sports and arts activities and clubs. She was a member of the National Honor Society (11th, 12th) and also on the Academic Honor Roll. Greer was in the Beta Club (10th, 11th, 12th), the Spanish Honor Society (10th, 11th, 12th) and the Tri-M Music Honor Society (11th, 12th). In addition, she was active in Key Club all four years of high school (Treasurer, 11th and Co-President, 12th), Student Government Association (Secretary 9th, Co-Executive Secretary 12th), the Latin Club and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Greer was a member of the Swim Team, receiving a letter all four years as well as being named Team Captain her senior year. She also received the Cheerleader Award (10th), the Coaches Award (11th, 12th) and was an Academic All American (12th). Other activities included the LHS Chorus (9th -12th), Advanced Women's Chorus (9th, 10th), Advanced Mixed Chorus (11th, 12th); participation in drama productions of Music Man,Bye Bye Birdie, and Shrek the Musical. Greer was a member of the Miss Lakeside Dance Troup (9th – 11th) and a Miss Lakeside Contestant (12th).

Outside of the halls of Lakeside, Greer took piano lessons for 11 years (receiving a Superior Plus rating at the National Piano Guild for 8 years), dance lessons for 12 years (Troupe/Company member for 2 years), and swam in her community swim league for 15 years as an A-team swimmer. She also was a participant in Young Life (9th through 12th) and her church youth group (9th -12th). In the fall, Greer will be attending Georgia College & State University and sees herself pursuing a career in a profession helping others.

Receiving the Joseph P. Reed Alumni Scholarship is very special for Greer as Joe Reed was both her elementary and high school principal and she considers him a role model.

2013 Scholar Recipient – Zoe-Alanah Michelle Robert

The Lakeside Foundation is pleased to announce that Zoe-Alanah Michelle Robert is the recipient of the 2013 Lakeside Foundation Alumni Scholarship. Zoe exemplifies the all-around student at Lakeside High School and is well-deserving of this award.

Zoe considers her participation in the Georgia Governor’s Honors Program to be her greatest achievement during high school. She worked hard throughout high school and the application process in order to attend, but then worked even harder during the program to maximize her experience. Encouraged by her experiences at GGHP, Zoe took AP Computer Science and applied for a job as an Outreach Assistant for the Institute of Computing Education (ICE) at Georgia Tech’s College of Computing. Zoe began leading robotics and computing workshops for K-12 students on the Georgia Tech campus and at local Girl Scout camps. The job combined Zoe’s interest in computer technology with her passion for community service.

During her four years at Lakeside, Zoe was involved in numerous academic, community service, sports and arts activities and clubs. She was a member of the National Honor Society (11, 12) and served as President during her senior year; she was on the High Honor Roll with Distinction all four years. Zoe was in the International Key Club (9-12), the BETA Club (9-11), Spanish Honor Society (10-12), Latin Club (11), Art Club (9, 10), Valhalla yearbook staff (10, 12), Wellness Club (11, 12) and she served as a Class Senator for the Student Government Association (10 -12). During senior year she was the Lakeside representative on the Dekalb County Student Advisory Committee. Additionally, Zoe was on several Lakeside sports teams including swim team (11, 12), JV soccer and JV cross country (9, 10) and the powder puff football team (11, 12). Outside of school Zoe played soccer at TYSA (2006 – 2011) and swam on the Leafmore Creek Park summer swim team (1998 – 2013).

Zoe is a talented photographer and videographer, which she proved by winning awards in the PTA Reflections Arts Contest in 9th, 10th and 11th grades. She placed at the school, county and statewide level with her film and photo work. Zoe also has a love for science and was awarded the Science Fair American Meteorological Society Outstanding Achievement Award, while she also placed at the school and county level Science Fair with her Environmental Management Project.

As if she wasn’t busy enough, Zoe also found time to devote to community service through participation in Relay for Life (9 – 12), volunteering at Special Olympics (9 – 12), Project Open Hand (9, 12), Fernbank Forest Clean-Ups (9, 10, 11), tutoring/mentoring underprivileged youth and going on a Spanish Honor Society mission trip to Costa Rica in the summer of 2012.

Zoe is going to Stanford University and plans to expand her knowledge of programming languages and development while exploring all aspects of computer science. Her future goal is to work for a major software company developing the technology of the future. She also plans to continue serving as a role model, empowering women and other underrepresented minorities to pursue computer science.

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